Standard & Quality

          Construction system of every project, Nalin Property team, engineers and architects have always realized that Every step is important. In order to work out the best Including to meet the needs and expectations of customers, the Nalin Property team has focused on construction work in many points by experts to supervise every step to ensure quality and standard work. But if there is anything Then the Nalin Property team asks for permission to explain the content in a nutshell. so that you will be able to understand more easily (But if you want to ask for more information, you can contact the project sales office) In this case, I would like to raise some topics in the presentation as follows.

8 Meters Lengths of Pile Foundation

         Piling is the most important part of a building and construction work. because it serves to support transfer the weight of the house to the ground Therefore, we choose to focus on this point very seriously. By the nature of the pile, we will hammer down to the sand layer. because it is the floor that can support the weight of the best which prevents the building from collapsing You can be confident that there will be no subsidence of the house for sure.

Build with Red-Brick

          From the study and analysis from the team As for the plastering system, we have chosen to use Red-Brick for construction because Red-Brick is stronger, more resistant to cracking than lightweight aerated bricks, and Red-Brick wall can be smashed, extracted, drilled and embedded with various equipment. that can bear weight thus making it possible to add Can be adjusted incrementally according to customer needs If it is a lightweight brick wall, there is a chance that it will penetrate into holes or cause crumbling and cannot bear the weight. Although lightweight brick walls still have some advantages. But we choose to use Red-Brick because it gives strength. and long-term use


          ทางทีมงานของ ณลิ์ณ พร๊อพเพอร์ตี้ ได้เลือกใช้ฉนวนกันความร้อนประเภทแผ่นอลูมินั่มฟอยล์ผิวมันวาวและมีความหนาที่ได้มาตรฐาน เพราะความร้อนจะสะท้อนด้วยฉนวนประเภทที่มีผิวมันวาวมีลักษณะเป็นแผ่นอลูมินั่มฟอยล์ ที่ใช้วางใต้หลังคา โดยสามารถป้องกันความร้อนได้ด้วยการสะท้อนรังสีความร้อนออกไปก่อนที่ความร้อนจะเข้ามาสะสมในเนื้อวัสดุ อีกทั้งลักษณะของฉนวนที่เป็นแผ่นบางทำให้ฉนวนไม่เกิดการสะสมความร้อน มีน้ำหนักเบา ไม่ดูดซับน้ำ ไม่มีฝุ่นใยแก้ว ที่เป็นอันตรายต่อสุขภาพและคุณสมบัติของฉนวนประเภทอลูมินั่มฟอยล์ที่สำคัญอีกประการหนึ่งคือ การที่ฉนวนสามารถแผ่รังสีความร้อนออกมาได้น้อย ซึ่งหากติดตั้งฉนวนใต้หลังคา ก็จะทำให้ความร้อนถ่ายเทลงมาในบ้านน้อยด้วย

Termite Protection System

  • We use 20 mm. PE pipes to attach to the ground beams inside the building.

  • Drill a hole to install the chemical spray head with the pipe at a distance of not more than 100 centimeters along the length of the pipe.

  • Specify a point for injecting chemicals into the pipe in the future, making a compression box embedded attached to the exterior wall of the building for the convenience of injecting chemicals.

  • After that, spray chemical coating on the soil surface both inside and outside the building within a radius of 1 meter around the area to prevent termites from eating the house.


          The reason we choose to use this type of roofing tile is because it gives a beautiful, harmonious look to the entire roof, long-lasting color, and is also strong and durable. So you can be confident in the quality without leaking. Including a design to have a 3-tier water trap, 2 deep grooves along the length of the tiles to prevent rainwater from splashing backwards on the tile head, and there is a point blade on the side of the tiles to help prevent leakage between the tiles with confidence. It has been tested by the manufacturer and the engineering team of the project with real use trials.

Slatted ceiling, Ventilation

          on the wooden ceiling More than the vent at the roof gable, we can still see that the battens on the eaves which is another point that will help dissipate heat from the roof before the heat can radiate into the house at another point, where we will attach a wooden battens around the eaves around the house to leave a groove causing the air around the house to be able to circulate all around As for the slatted ceiling made of synthetic wood, use C-line to make the structure. Because it is resistant to weathering, does not bend easily and most importantly, it also prevents termites. along with adding an insect net To prevent insects from outside flying into the space of the wood.

Wipeable & Washable Paint

          For house paint, we have chosen to use TOA 4 Seasons house paint, which has both matt and semi-gloss types. The reason why we choose this type of paint is because it has many features and advantages for the best quality work as follows:

  • It is resistant to the variability of the Thai climate.

  • Resistant to abrasion, wiping, washing.

  • Semi-gloss paint has added SRC to coat the surface to prevent various stains well.

  • Lead free.

  • with TIS. 2321-2549 and TIS. 272-2549

UPVC Doors and Frames

         The engineering team has studied the advantages of UPVC doors and frames, including analyzing the system for installing doors and windows that are important points that need to be changed in materials. In order to achieve durability, have a longer service life, some materials of doors and frames in the house are selected. The properties and advantages of UPVC materials are as follows.

  • Does not stretch and shrink when exposed to various weather conditions.

  • This material has a light weight.

  • Termite protection

  • No need to paint over again. Because UPVC doors have already been painted from the manufacturer. thus ensuring the beauty, resolution of the work piece, and quality.

  • In terms of energy savings is another advantage of plastic. Due to the low thermal conductivity of plastics, they are much more insulating than metal-based materials. Combined with the appearance of a hollow box, the more effective the insulation is also increased.

Heat Absorbing Glass

          For many reasons, including the current climate, we choose to use Heat Absorbing Glass because of the current climate, the sun's rays have a Short Wave Radiation style that can penetrate into the building. And when short wave radiation hits various materials inside the building such as floors, walls, glass, etc., which absorb the radiation waves. Then change it to Long Wave Radiation or heat energy that cannot pass through transparent materials like glass back outside the building. Therefore, the heat accumulates inside the building and becomes part of the cooling load of the air conditioning system, causing quite a lot of expenses in this section. Tinted glass is a translucent glass that can help solve that problem. The colors seen are caused by the addition of metal oxides such as iron, cobalt or selenium to the glass mixture that reduces the heat energy from the sun to pass through with the ability to absorb heat from the sun that shines on the glass surface about 40-50 percent, thus helping to reduce the cooling load of the air conditioner. It also reduces the glare of the light that comes through, resulting in a softer light that is more comfortable on the eyes, with green being the most popular color in Thailand. This point is therefore something that cannot be overlooked, so we pay attention to this point as well.