About Us

Nalin Property

Is an organization or agency under the registration of P.B.C.GROUP CO.,LTD, a company that establishes, supervises and manages hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes and real estate. Including organizing group tours, seminars, and traveling both domestically and internationally. Currently, P.B.C.GROUP CO.,LTD has hotels: Peace Blue Naiharn Naturist Resort Phuket, RaiNa BuaLuang Cafe & Farm Stay, PBC Travel.

Nalin Property was established in 2022 for residential real estate development. and commercial buildings by opening a housing project First project under the name Nalin Village, later opened a housing business called Nalin Town and will continue to develop quality housing projects in Thailand.


Operates under a positive concept that focuses on building quality homes, residents participating in designing, building homes to their liking, with the expectation that customers and residents are happy, satisfied, and Providing efficient services with a perfect combination of community for a good quality of life, and building confidence for customers, and sustainable growth of the organization.


Committed to developing the quality of real quality housing based on the principles of materials that do not affect the environment, are socially responsible, include reasonable prices, practical use in real life, and quality of life. good for the residents with intention as well as striving to develop knowledge and positive attitudes to personnel to achieve efficiency in work and providing the best service